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Make sure you feel completely comfortable with a regular braid before you go onto a French braid.Read on for the step-by-step how-tos, or click here to see the video tutorial for the Side French-Braid Updo.I never really mastered the french or reverse french braid until your instructions.

Only two sections of the hair are used in styling a fishtail hairstyle, whereas, in a French Braid, three sections are used.From there, hold the ends of the two pieces of hair you just knotted in your left hand and grab a section from the right side of your head to create another knot.

Practice making single French braids before you do double French braids.

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The Fishtail Braid is also known as the Herringbone, the Fish Bone, or the Mermaid Braid.There are several ways to style a French braid depending on the hairstyle you want to obtain.Even though it involves four strands of hair instead of three like in French and Dutch Braids, many people find this style much easier to learn.

With this type of braid, braiding begins with small sections near the crown of the head.A French braid is literally a twist on the traditional three-strand English braid.If you know how to french braid, this tutorial is easy peasy.French Braid Tutorials Easy French Braid French Plait Tutorial French Braid Ponytail 2 French Plaits Braided Hair Tutorials Learn To French Braid French Braid Short Hair French Braid Styles Forward How to French Braided Hairstyles: Classic Braid Tutorial now if I could do my own:-): French Braids, How To Do Hair Style, Hair Styles, French Braid Tutorial, How To Braid.To start a french braid, section this portion of hair into three even strands, keeping them separated with your fingers (whichever ones feel most comfortable to you).

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To french braid hair, you basically start at the top of your head and grab a section at the top, then divide it into three parts.

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Here, you will find step by step instructions on how to create this hairstyle.To make french braid pigtails, again you have to stick to the same old directions as you did for side french and regular french braiding, however this time it is going to be on both sides.Whenever you cross 1 section over the center section you include small amount of hair from the sides.Separate the selected part into three even sections and then start braiding.

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Rachel re-created the look with step by step photos and tips so you can do it yourself.

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Consequently, I keep my hair up in a french braid much of the time, and also braid it each night before bed to reduce tangling.You will need to know how to do a basic plait to understand the instructions.The only thing you need to keep in mind is make sure you can include the hair above your ears in your starter section if you want to move down the head.Half-Up French Braid Crown How-To: Step-by-Step Tutorial. Step 1. Start off by parting the hairline at the center of the head to create two equal portions of the hair.

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Separate this section into 3 strands crossing right over middle and then left over middle, as if you were doing a Basic Braid. 2. Switch all of the strands over to your left hand and keep strands separated.

If you braid your own hair, use a handheld mirror to check your work.The braiding ninjas on YouTube may make braiding your own hair look seamless, but for those of us with less-than-stellar skills, it can be hard enough to do a traditional side braid.Basically, you are just reversing the direction of the braid.

As you repeat on the other side, make sure to tuck the ends of the braids underneath before you pin.Dutch twist me prettycute girls hairstyles youtubecute youtubediy youtube.Simple French Braid This is a single braid that follows the curve of the back of the head.Some more complex braids are fishtail braid, five-stranded braid, rope braid, French braid and waterfall braid.Then add a pin a few inches up, and a third at the end of the braid (on the other side of your head).If you are looking for another easy French braid updo, you can pile your hair into a bun and wrap the bun with French braids.Start braiding and then each time you get to the next layer of hair, pick up more hair to add to each of the three sections.Keep tension on the strands of hair as you work to prevent loose weaves.

My friend attempted to teach my fumbling fingers the maneuvers.There is no need to start a French braid at the top of your head but you can start it anywhere theoretically.Read on to discover the no-fuss way to do a french braid yourself.

Part the hair again pulling the hair that shoul Start off with clean.

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Herringbone braid is the other name a fishtail braid is called by and resembles the French Braid.The motions are the same except you are picking up and adding hair to the French braid as you go along.

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Learn how to french braid your hair in five easy steps with tips from a top hairstylist.