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Having a dog at home has become a requirement for many home owners.Electric shock dog collars are one of the options available on the market to try to stop dogs barking, and stop dogs or cats behave in a way deemed undesirable by owners.Shock Collars for Small Dogs Shock collars with a remote control for small dogs and toy breeds are great training tools.Specifically, proponents claim that: Modern shock collars do not cause pain.

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Can anyone point me in the right direction, and suggest some good training aids.Welcome to D.T. Systems, where we provide the best e-collars for training your dog.

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Family members can play with the dog during weekends improving on pet and owner bonding.

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In the dog world, few subjects are as controversial as the debate on shock collars (electronic or e-collars).

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A guy that my DH works with put a shock collar on their cat to keep it off the counter.

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One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to training your pet is do shock collars work.Dogs are perfect pet companions that bring joy and laughter to the home.The collar delivers three different types of correction (audible tone, vibration and electric shock), and it works at distances of up to 330 yards.

They present too much of a risk, not only for physical trauma, but also for emotional damage.With the right dog collar, you can master leash training your pup and make the most of your daily walks.Advocates for their use claim that such devices don’t hurt but mostly emit an unpleasant vibration.

In choosing a bark collar for your pup, consider how weather resistant the model is, the battery life and.The first study (Defra AW1402) included extensive pilot work, an investigation of the electrical resistance of wet and dry dogs (conclusion: wet dogs get zapped more), and a comparison of the features of several purchased shock collars.A lot of people are unsure about if shock collars are a good idea or not for their dog.

The following was an article I definitely felt worth posting here.Lowest Price on Long Range Dog Training Collars (over 1 mile).Animal welfare groups and dog-loving politicians have been fighting for a decade to ban the use of shock collars in England.

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Other electronic collars we offer include: no bark collars, remote trainers, beeper locators, dummies, bird launchers, and other dog training supplies.It has 2 parts, a hand held unit for the person, and another unit that the dog wears as a collar.With a little shock collar training, they give dogs the freedom to walk side-by-side with their owner (sometimes without their leash).There are those that find shock collars to be okay and in the interest of fairness, we will look at both arguments.Large Dog Shock Collars If your dog weighs more than 40 pounds you may want a large dog shock collar for best results.